Help page

How to Add A Driver

Whether you are a reviewer or a driver adding information to taxi reviews it is important to put information as accurately as possible.

Go to the create driver page
  1. Add the badge number as it appears on the driver ID Badge
  2. Select the council where the driver ID Badge is issued
  3. Add the first and second names as they appear on the ID Badge
  4. Select the type of ID Badge held Private Hire or Hackney Carriage
  5. The Expiry Date of the ID Badge

Any other information added to the Create Driver if you have it as a reviewer or if you are a driver or operator then add the other information you wish the public to see when you have claimed the driver profile.
NOTE only drivers or operators can claim a driver profile.

It is important for Drivers to give a correct Postcode if they wish to be found in an area for work.

How to Claim A Driver

Once you are a registered user DRIVER OPTION you can claim the driver profile that is a match to you. Find the Driver profile or add driver if you are not in the database.

Once you have found or added your information click on the claim link. You will be required to upload information to verify your information.

  1. Picture of Driver Badge is a must
  2. A copy of insruance
  3. Private hire operator licence if you are a private hire driver working on your own

If you are a private hire Driver, we will allow you to add yourself and claim yourself. If your operator licence is for under 5 cars that will be accepted but over will fall into the operator sign up who then will be able to add and claim as many drivers as they have. All drivers will have to load the driver id.