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Your taxi + private hire review website for the UK!

Taxi reviews is the place for Taxi and Private hire driver to advertise their services.

Passengers can add and review drivers, Follow the information below to understand how to add information to this site. IMPORTANT INFORMATION you must verify your email when you register this applies to all types of user.

How to Add A Driver

Whether you are a reviewer or a driver adding information to taxi reviews it is important to put information as accurately as possible. Go to the create driver page. (read more)

How to Claim A Driver

Once you are a registered user DRIVER OPTION you can claim the driver profile that is a match to you. Find the Driver profile or add driver if you are not in the database. Once you have found or added your information click on the claim link. You will be required to upload information to verify your information. (read more) If you are a driver that wishes to advertise your phone number, webpage and other services please see the payment plans. The information you add in the payment page will be found in google search and can be edited by you at any time while you are on a paid plan. License parts can not be changed buy you once it has been verified.