What is a Reviewer?

Registering as a Reviewer means you are only registering as a regular user to make reviews on this site. You can search the database, browse driver's pages.

Registration is for free.

Taxi or Private Hire Driver:
What is a Driver?

Registering as a Driver means you want to claim or add one single driver (possibly yourself) from our database in order to operate it as your page, edit/add info, answer user reviews. Drivers cannot make reviews. Basic registration is for free. Premium upgrade is an option with more functions.

What is an Operator?

(coming soon)
An Operator will control multiple drivers. So this account can claim multiple drivers. As this is a paid account the number of drivers an operator can claim is based on the plan you choose. An Operator can modify or addd new details to any of the drivers that it controls, can answer reviews to any drivers.

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